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Cleaning the Hallways

Event Cleaning Services | New York City

After the fun, comes the clean up. 

We'll handle your event cleaning in NYC. We are an eco-friendly cleaning company dedicated to making your environment cleaner and safer.

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Post-Event Cleaning Services

At Naturalistic cleaning, we want our valued customers to recognize that cleaning up after an event, party or special occasion is not the hardest part, although it can be a headache. We are here to help! Our dedicated team has put its best foot forward into providing the best commercial and residential cleanup services in the New York City Area. Our values have enabled us into an Eco-friendly approach that focuses on assuring that we provide quality cleaning while also eliminating any toxic chemicals from our practices. Most cleaning companies use chemicals that can harm the environment, people, and even beloved pets and wildlife. Fortunately, we prioritize the health of the community and anyone that interacts with the specific, venue, home, or event location. 

We work tirelessly on detailed-oriented procedures that help the cleaning process be effective and of the best quality possible. With the contemporary pandemic, we make certain to follow every appropriate measure given by the CDC to maximize safety and sanitation protocols. In the city that never sleeps, our team will have you rest assured all concerns, needs, and requests are met within our first visit, so there is no need to follow up a second time unless our services are needed again!

Utilizing a Eco-friendly approach means commencing with biodegradable cleaning agents, that do not bear any harmful conservatives, perfumes, enzymes nor color. Biodegradability is important for our cleaning products so we eliminate any toxins entering your water supply, any residue that you may touch or the chemicals you can potentially breathe in. 

Modern Home

Basic & Deep cleaning

Disinfecting Buildings



Move in / Move Out

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We promise to leave your place naturally, impeccable.

1. Call our office or get for a quote

2. Fill out and submit cleaning service form

3. Accept estimate and sign contract


How much do you charge?

We're known for professional eco-friendly cleaning services in NYC, and we'e proud to be serving you. Each quote is different and is based on the size of your space and your requirements.


You may always contact us for any questions through email or give us a call.

How often do you provide service?

We work on your schedule. We can clean daily, weekly or every other week. Contact us for special requests such as event cleaning, organizing, deep cleaning and move in / out.

Can we provide special instructions to our cleaners?

Yes! we also offer exclusive cleaning such as window cleaning services, stove and oven cleaning. We strongly encourage each client to give us details on what exactly you need cleaned. We also record each client and their specific needs so you don't have to repeat yourself on each call. 

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