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The Best Commercial Cleaning Services in NYC

Maintaining your office or retail space clean is presentable, professional and important. We clean all types of floor surfaces such as hardwood, grout, tile, laminate, carpeted and more. Furniture is polished, desks and wiped and office computers sanitized.


We also acknowledge a clean work space is beneficial to the health and environment of the workers. 

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Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of New York City's atmosphere, with our focus in reducing air and water pollution.

Join our movement into cleaning for a better earth.


Business Team

Our Experienced Office Cleaners Are Ready To Elevate Your Brand.

It all begins in the office.

Keeping your office clean and tidy for your customers is not only presentable, but also a necessity to make your brand more memorable. Our cleaning services in New York City are exactly what you need to keep your visitors satisfied and safe in the waiting room, lounge or office.

Modern Home

AIRBNB Cleaning Services

Event Hall

Event Cleaning 

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Education Facility Cleaning

Why choose Naturalistic Cleaning to do your commercial cleaning?

Tailored Service Schedule

Since every business in New York City operate in their own way and time. Members of Naturalistic Cleaning are always available to clean and disinfect on your schedule. Whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly cleaning our janitorial services will make sure to keep your business moving smooth and make customers satisfied with a clean experience.

Worker-Owned Company

Our woman owned cleaning company ensures satisfaction by providing career opportunities to our cleaners. We believe sharing a stake of our company to our member cleaners uplifts worker happiness and satisfaction. And when workers in a company thrive together, so does the company. Start building a relationship with a cleaner today.

Eco-friendly Cleaning & Disinfecting

Reduce the risk of COVID-19 for your employees and guests with our professional disinfecting commercial cleaning service in NYC. Our eco friendly cleaning practices also reduce the environmental impact humans typically underestimate. By using organic, sustainable and toxin-free products, we make sure to minimize our ecological footprint that harms our environment.

Image by Katie Pearse
A Cleaning Company Founded in New York City, Operated By Women Entrepreneurs

NATURALISTIC CLEANING, was created and inspired to be a green business, by its founding partners, two sisters, who through their experiences in the cleaning area were looking for opportunities in this field known to family generations. 

Prejudice against immigrant women cleaners are the motivation behind the worker-owner business model, where each cleaning provider owns the fruits of their labor.


Move in/Out Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Dish Washer

Extra Cleaning Services

(Ovens, refrigerator, laundry, closet organizer)

Naturally, Impeccable

Top commercial eco-friendly cleaning services in New York City

Our spotless cleaning service is performed thoroughly using eco-friendly products, as we believe the environment is just as important. We clean in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Long Island. 

Read our blog for cleaning hacks, tips and tricks!
Commercial Cleaning Services FAQ 
How much do you charge?

We're known for professional eco-friendly cleaning services in NYC, and we'e proud to be serving you. Each quote is different and is based on the size of your space and your requirements.


You may always contact us for any questions through email or give us a call.

How often do you provide service?

We work on your schedule. We can clean daily, weekly or every other week. Contact us for special requests such as event cleaning, organizing, deep cleaning and move in / out.

Can we provide special instructions to our cleaners?

Yes! we also offer exclusive cleaning such as window cleaning services, stove and oven cleaning. We strongly encourage each client to give us details on what exactly you need cleaned. We also record each client and their specific needs so you don't have to repeat yourself on each call. 

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