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Cleaning services in Queens, NYC
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After years of experience in residential and commercial cleaning services in Queens and cleaning all around New York, we know exactly how dangerous the effects of many of the popular cleaners can be to the environment, our pets, and children. 

Our team is trained to use sustainable products to clean your Airbnb, offices, apartments, floors or commercial spaces because it reduces the number of chemical toxins released to your living environment.

In an effort to make New York City a cleaner city, we specialize in eco-friendly green cleaning services for homes, work offices, health centers, and education facilities. Our eco-friendly cleaning services in Queens, NY bring a safe, breathable environment to those we love the most.

We use products that don't include toxins, acids or hydrogen peroxide.

We put our environment first, then the cleaning. Just because something is clean doesn't mean in harmless. 

As a Worker-Owned Company, each cleaner takes pride of their work to guarantee success.

"The cleaner stopped by earlier today and I just wanted to say what a wonderful job they did! Thank you so much, leaving my home so clean."

- Mary, homeowner

"After moving into our new office, I needed somebody to help clean up the remaining debris after organizing. I hired Maribel to clean my office, and she did an exceptional job"

- Steve, CEO

"I'm on a recurring cleaning with the cleaners. It's a great way to keep my home and living environment clean."

-Silvia, homewner

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  • Storage Organization

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Event Cleaning 

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Education Facility Cleaning

Why sustainable Cleaning?

Ecological or organic cleaning has taken great importance to health care, hygiene and care for the environment. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning can help reduce air and water pollution, because of the use of less chemicals. Many chemicals used in cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals to children under five, including pets and even plants! 


Sustainable cleaning can prevent diseases such as asthma, improve air quality and eliminate the use of toxic agents. 


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