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15 Effective Cleaning Hacks You’d Never Think Of

At the moment you set off to spring-clean your home, you may end up taking longer than you should. Perhaps you realized you're missing a specific cleaning item during your cleaning. But don't run to the store just yet. We have a few cleaning hacks up our sleeves that we think you will find useful. We never shared these hacks with our clients before, and we're 100% sure you never thought of these hacks.

It is up until now that we have decided to share the following cleaning hacks, and we know you will want to try these at home. Better yet, you'll incorporate them in into your next cleaning routine. From natural DIY cleaning solutions to learning how to use lemons to clean inside your microwave, our cleaning experts at Naturalistic Cleaning are confident these hacks will come in handy to you. You may also save time and money by not rushing to the store and buying unnecessary items. Instead, give extra use to products you already have at home.

The following are 15 cleaning hacks that will make your cleaning time easier and faster.

1. Clean Glass Using Water And White Vinegar.

Combine water and vinegar with a 50:50 proportion in a spray bottle, then spray at the glass. Wipe the glass with a cloth or sponge for a streak-free cleaning. You may finish off by cleaning the residue with a dry cloth.

Make sure the sun is not aiming directly at the glass during the time of cleaning your windows, since the vinegar tends to dry up quickly.

2. Microwave Lemon Juice.

Clean the inside of your microwave by cutting a lemon in half, and then placing both halves cut-side down in a microwaveable plate. Add a tablespoon of water on the plate and microwave for 1-2 minutes, or until the inside gets steamy. The steam and acid of the lemons shall loosen sticky particles inside the oven. Lastly, you will wipe down the inside with a clean cloth until clean. Done.

3. Clean Surfaces With Olive Oil.

Olive oil has numerous healthful advantages (and might potentially extend your life span). It turns out, Olive oil can likewise assist you with cleaning the house and be an alternative for stain removers.

Some items you can clean with just a dab of olive oil and a cloth are:

  • Stainless Steel Appliances

  • Silverware

  • Cast Iron Pans

  • Leather Chairs

  • Shine Leather Shoes

  • Kitchen Cabinets

Here are other benefits of olive oil:

  • Remove chewing gum

  • Remove stickers and glue residue

  • Unstick a zipper

  • Silence squeeze noises

4. You Can Clean Clothes Iron With Salt And Aluminum Foil.

One extraordinary method for cleaning a clothes iron is to turn it on – make sure there’s no water inside – and iron a piece of aluminum foil with some salt sprinkled on top. The salt and heat will pull off grime and eliminate it. Lastly, wipe down the iron with a watered cloth.

5. Use Denture Cleanse Tablets To Clean Your Coffee Maker Or Tea Kettle.

Dental cleaning tablets are a shockingly viable cleaning item, particularly for difficult to arrive at regions like those in a coffee machine or tea kettle.

1. Fill your coffee machine or tea kettle with water.

2. Drop in a few denture cleanse tabs, contingent upon the size of your pots.

3. Allow a few hours for denture tabs to disintegrate completely and quit bubbling.

4. Empty the pot and give it a flush with water. If needed, scrub on the tougher stains.

*This cleaning tip can likewise be utilized on stained espresso cups or other artistic or metal items to eliminate undesirable buildup.

6. Remove All The Stains Of The Carpet With Alcohol.

Dropped wine on the carpet? Grab one tablespoon of white wine vinegar, one tablespoon of dish soap and mix with 2 cups of warm water. Spray the mix onto the carpet and let the solution sit on the stain for 5 minutes. Then you will blot the stain using a sponge or cloth. Repeat cleaning process when necessary.

7. Use A Teeth Brush To Clean The Keyboard Properly.

Use a toothbrush to clean in between the buttons and inputs of your desktops keyboard. The toothbrush bristles are very useful for cleaning tough stains on your computer.

8. Use Tennis Balls To Wash Your Blankets And Eliminate Scrapes From Your Floor.

A tennis ball can help the stuff of blankets from gathering in one corner when it's being machine-dried. Essentially toss a couple of tennis balls into the machine with your blanket and start the cycle. The force of the tennis ball doesn't stop there. Assuming that you have any undesirable scrapes on your wooden floor, you can utilize a tennis ball to rub the region delicately.

9. Wipe Out Water Stains With Shaving Cream.

Who'd knew that shaving cream could be utilized to remove water stains? All you need to do is apply a thin layer of shaving cream to the water stain, let the cream sit there for about 15 minutes, and lastly you wipe off until clean!

10. Clean Your Baseboards With Dryer Sheets.

Dryer sheets can be a powerful apparatus to assist with keeping a spotless house. Running a dryer sheet along your baseboards will assist with repulsing dust while making your room smell like recently washed clothing.

11. Baking Soda And Vinegar Can Clean Your Bathroom Properly.

Shake some baking soda onto the stains in your bathtub, sink or toilet, and then apply warm water. Once the mixture bubbles, allow 2-3 minutes, and then begin scrubbing the surface. If the stain to too stubborn, repeat the process, but add vinegar this time.

12. Use Coca-Cola To Remove Rust.

Coca-Cola may be poured inside the kettles and pots to dispose of rust and residue. Coca-Cola contains citric acid and carbonic corrosive, making it an exceptionally useful trick for disconnecting stains from metal surfaces such as golf clubs and pennies.

*Although this hack is useful on most metals, avoid using this hack on your favorite jewelry.

13. Clean Your Screens Using Coffee Filters.

Give your TV or tablet screen decent spotless assistance by using your coffee filters as wipers. Don't have microfiber clothes or paper towels? Coffee filters are a great replacement because they don’t leave residue or lint behind and are also water-resistant. Coffee filters can also be used to polish your wine glasses.

14. Remove Water Stains From Wood.

Did a guest forget to use a cup plate holder on your wooden coffee table? Mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil in a small bowl. Grab a cloth and dampen it in the bowl. Wipe the water stain in the direction of the wood grain until the stain is removed.

*This method only works best on fresh water stains. If the water stain is dark-colored, it likely has been completely absorbed by the wood and will may need to be refinished.

15. Eliminate Greasy Fingerprints From Your Walls With Dishwashing Soap.

If your children happen to run their greasy fingers on the walls, use your traditional dishwashing soap to clean the stains on the walls. 1. Simply get a bucket and add warm water + couple drops of dish soap. 2. Get a microfiber cloth and damp the cloth into the bucket.

3. Lightly scrub the walls with the wet cloth until the stain is gone.

4. Dry up the walls with a dry cloth to wipe away the soap residue. Repeat steps 3-4 until stain and traces are completely gone.

*The trick is that dish soaps are generally great at cleaning greasy pans, and fingerprint stains on the walls are no combat to the soap.

The Bottom Line:

Now that you know all these amazing and simple cleaning hacks, go ahead and give them a try. I bet you haven't cleaned the screen you're reading this list on, so grab your coffee filter and get happy cleaning!

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