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6 Things To Look For When Hiring A Cleaning Company In NYC

They Offer Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Professional cleaning companies know all about cleaning. Most of the time, established cleaning companies often have the capability to offer services in different ranges from home cleaning to school and faculty cleaning. A secure cleaning company will have the flexibility to meet just about anyone’s cleaning needs. Are you looking for a specific cleaning service that is not listed on the website? Contact the crew members through email or give them a call, and you’ll be surprised how much professional cleaning companies can do for you.

Environmentally Friendly

The idea of eco-friendly cleaning has been gaining popularity over the past years in large cities like NYC. Many studies have shown the side effects most cleaning products contain. The cycle of eco-friendly cleaning starts by using products that are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. This means a non-animal testing process, containing no allergens and toxic chemicals that may end up harming you, your pets and babies. The right professional cleaning company acknowledges the importance of eco-friendly cleaning and will clean your property taking your health into consideration.

Company Reputation

When doing business in general, it’s always important to look for reputable information on the company you plan on working with. A cleaning company’s reputation may include learning about the leaders of the company, reading reviews and testimonials, and searching for the cleaning company in credible listings. Consider looking them up on social media and see if they have an established digital presence such as uploading regularly, replying to comments and questions and/or having a reasonable amount of post engagement.

Training and Experience

Professional cleaning companies are often created by independent cleaners who may have worked for a cleaning in the past. This is a good sign because they are bringing their experience and expertise to the table, along with building a cleaning team with the right fundamentals. For example, a NYC cleaning company, Naturalistic Cleaning, was founded by two sisters who have been 10+ years in the cleaning industry. They decided to gather a team of cleaners, and properly train them to conduct cleaning at proper standards. Legit cleaning companies know the ins and outs of cleaning.

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Customer Service and Communication

In relation to company reputation and experience, your ideal cleaning company will be quick in fulfilling questions and inquiries. The customer service should be top quality from the moment you submit a cleaning inquiry, to the moment they leave your house spotless clean. Great customer service means going above and beyond the client. Transparency and honesty is also key when looking for a cleaning company in NYC.


For cleaning companies, pricing depends on whether it is commercial or residential. A home cleaning will need different cleaning products and methods than cleaning a school. If you’re paying for a home cleaning, costs may vary between $150-$300 depending on the size of the home. In commercial cleaning, however, it may cost between $200-$500+. A good cleaning company will typically provide eco-friendly practices among other cleaning services at fixed rates or included in your quote at no extra costs.


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